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The choice of properties is a critical stage

where we will filter those that will be promoted

to ensure that these meet the minimum requirements

that MEF International requires for commercialize them.



1.1 GVP-P16-SP. Choosing properties for commercialize

We choose the properties for commercialize following the process GVP-P16-SP with the purpose of:

  • Meet the needs of Potential Clients.

  • Obtain relevant information to understand determinants on the  feasibility of the sale.

  • Certify that the properties promoted on the website:

    • Complies with all the legal aspects required by Spanish legislation for commercialize them.

    • Have the same  characteristics and correspond to those shown in the webpage.

    • Provide investments with a value equal to or higher than the market average.


"For us is very important to have the confidence of our customers,

so we are committed to achieve the objectives established

by our clients by means a consulting and services engagement

to grant the required legal security to them".



2.1 GVP-P01-SP. Performing Potential Clients Registry

We proceed to  register the potential customers  by following the process GVP-P01-SP with the purpose of:

  • Send a complete and personalized  information dossier containing the most important aspects to consider in the purchasing process and benefits that our services will can offer.

  • Get accurate information that allow us draft the terms and conditions of a  Mandate to Sell Properties (MSP) that will meet the needs and demands of our clients.

2.2 GVP-P02-SP. Performing the Mandate to Sell Properties (MSP)

Upon acceptance of the terms and conditions by the Client, we should proceed with the Mandate to Sell Properties (MSP)  following the process GVP-P02-SP with the purpose of:

  • Give legal effect to the agreement reached between the parties, providing safety to them.

  • Establish the  scope of the project, specifying the services to be provided and their characteristics.

  • Planning the project  schedule by setting milestones in the major phases and timelines of them.

  • Establish the  price of services provided and payment methods.

  • Identify stakeholders.

  • Establish a Communication Plan  and establish mechanisms to provide efficiency, security and legal validity to them.

  • Establish the  clauses that shall govern the relationship between the parties.


After signing the contract we proceed

to promote real estate among our collaborators and leads

through different marketing actions and media means.



3.1 GVP-P17-SP. Promoting the properties

The first action after signature of the contract will be to  promote the properties following the process GVP-P17-SP in order to meet the objectives of:

  • Communicate to our collaborators-partners the provision of new properties for  promote and sell.

  • Give visibility to the properties using our sales platform of the website to all those potential customers who visit it.

  • Promoting properties between the  real customers who have sued properties with similar characteristics.

  • Promoting properties between the  new clients.

In cases where properties have special characteristics that make them attractive to customers of a particular market will proceed to promote the properties by local media means in order to:

  • Promote and enhance the visibility of such properties in these natural markets.

  • Reach the widest potential real customers to increase the chances of selling the properties.


Once our potential clients have considered to acquire a property

as a result of previous processes stipulated,

namely GVP-03-GV/IS and GVP-04-GV/IS,

takes place the process of buying them.



4.1 GVP-P05-SP. Visiting the Investments by the potential clients

When the Client-Investor is in Spain, as described in the GVP-P05-SP process, is performed the visit to the selected investments to eliminate any doubt about the choice of investment.

The main factors to consider in relation to investment are:

  • Detailed informative dossier of the  town and location.

  • Other elements that add value to the investment such as:

    • Amenities and services that add value.

    • Access and communications.

    • Qualities construction and components.

    • Internal and external furniture.

    • Annexed property.

4.2 GVP-P06-SP. Purchasing the Investments

After choosing investments, we will make the  purchase of the properties selected following the provisions of GVP-P06-SP process, so that:

  • Legal validity is granted to the acquisition of the investment.