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"For us is very important to have the confidence of our customers,

so we are committed to achieve the objectives established

by our clients by means a consulting and services engagement

to grant the required legal security to them".



1.1 GVP-P01-GV. Performing Potential Clients Registry

We proceed to  register the potential customers by following the process GVP-P01-GV with the purpose of:

  • Send a complete and personalized  information dossier containing the most important aspects to consider in the process of obtaining the "Residence Permit - Golden Visa" and benefits that our services will can offer.

  • Meet the needs of Potential Clients.

  • Obtain relevant information to understand determinants on the  feasibility of the project.

  • Get accurate information that allow us the realization of a  Management & Consulting Services Offer (MCSO) that will meet the needs and demands of our clients.

1.2 GVP-P02-GV. Performing the Management & Consulting Services Contract (MCSC)

Upon acceptance of the commercial offer by Client, we should proceed with the Management & Consulting Services Contract (MCSC) following the process GVP-P02-GV with the purpose of:

  • Give legal effect to the agreement reached between the parties, providing safety to them.

  • Establish the  scope of the project, specifying the services to be provided and their characteristics.

  • Planning the  project schedule by setting milestones in the major phases and timelines of them.

  • Establish the price of services provided and payment methods.

  • Identify stakeholders.

  • Establish a  Communication Plan and establish mechanisms to provide efficiency, security and legal validity to them.

  • Establish the  clauses that shall govern the relationship between the parties.


At this stage we will make a personalized search of the

assets investments in demand, optimizing the applicable taxation,

and ensuring that both, property and investors,

meet the legal and economic requirements.



2.1 GVP-P03-GV. Searching for Suitable Investment

Considering all the information available so far and following the process GVP-P03-GV will carry out the search for investments that could be attractive to our Clients and, which in turn, meet the objectives of:

  • Give reference of our Clients to our  collaborators-partners by the means established for this purpose, in order to comply with the established performance protocol based on the collaboration agreement reached with them.

  • Provide investments with a value equal to or higher than the market average.

  • Meet the economic requirements  of our Clients.

  • Meet the functional requirements  demanded by our Clients.

  • Meeting the minimum  requirements established by Law 14/2013 for obtaining Residence Permit (RP).

2.2 GVP-P04-GV. Traveling to Spain

When our client already has located those properties that are of their interest we organize a  trip to Spain , which will be structured and organized as set out in GVP-P04-GV process being the purpose of it:

  • Obtaining N.I.E.

  • Opening a  bank account.

  • The acquisition of investment.

2.3 GVP-P05-GV. Visiting and Choosing Investments to Acquire

When the Client-Investor is in Spain, as described in the GVP-P05-GV process, is performed the visit to the selected investments to eliminate any doubt about the choice of investment.

The main factors to consider in relation to investment are:

  • Detailed informative dossier of the  town and location.

  • Other elements that add value to the investment such as:

    • Amenities and services that add value.

    • Access and communications.

    • Qualities construction and components.

    • Internal and external  furniture.

    • Annexed property.

2.4 GVP-P06-GV. Purchasing the Investments

After choosing investments, we will make the  purchase of the investments following the provisions of GVP-P06-GV process, so that:

  • Legal validity is granted to the acquisition of the investment.

  • Investment requirements required by Law 14/2013 for obtaining Residence Visa (RV) are met.

  • Finish the first operational phase.


After making the investments and subject to

fulfilment of the requirements established by law

shall proceed to handling of applications for

Residence Permits for Investors and their families.



3.1 GVP-P07-GV. Getting the Residence Visa (RV)

With the first operational phase completed, as established in the GVP-P07-GV process, we request the Residence Visa in order to:

  • Get Residence Visa  for investors and those families  eligible for the same according to as set forth in Law 14/2013.

  • Holding a legal document to visit as often as desired and / or remain in Spain and / or any of the states belonging to the Schengen Territory during the period of validity of the Residence Visa that is one year.

3.2 GVP-P08-GV. Getting the Residence Permit (RP)

After obtaining the Residence Visa (RV), and as exposed in the GVP-P08-GV process, will be requested the Residence Permit (RP) for the investor and their family members in order to:

  • Get Residence Permit  for investors and those families who are holders of the Residence Visa (RV) according to as set forth in Law 14/2013.

  • Holding a legal document to visit as often as desired and / or remain in Spain and / or any of the states belonging to the Schengen Territory during the period of validity of the Residence Visa that is two years.

  • Finish the second operational phase and thus the Management & Consulting Services Contract (MCSC).


Once our customers are holders

of their Residence Permits,

is performed the summary report,

thereby concluding the contract.



4.1 GVP-P09-GV. Full Report on Investment

Following the acquisition of investments, we will make a Full Report on Investment (FRI) as set out in the GVP-P09-GV process, which has the following objectives:

  • Knowing the  purchasing process conducted and the  stakeholders who took part on it.

  • Identify the  maintenance needs of the investments.

  • Report legal requirements derivatives on investment.

  • Identify the commercial chances about the investment.

  • Perform a detailed report on identified needs.

  • Provide tailored solutions to the needs identified.

4.2 GVP-P10-GV. Full Report on Residence Permit

After obtaining the Residence Permit (RP), we will make a  Full Report on Residence Permit (FRRP) as set out in the GVP-P10-GV process, which has the following objectives:

  • Knowing the obtaining  process conducted and the  stakeholders who took part on it.

  • Report the legal requirements needed to  maintain the validity of Residence Permit.

  • Provide tailored solutions to renew the Residence Permit for those holders who still fulfil the requirements established by Law 14/2013.


Once Residence Permits are obtained, the contract is done,

but it is very important monitoring both,

compliance with the requirements for renewal of visas

and to maintain and manage the investments.