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Operational & Monitoring Management

We take care to keep your Residence Permit, Investments or Business in perfect conditions, by performing any kind of bureaucratic procedure or action like executing, monitoring, control, maintenance, commercialize, or any other needed, and ensure that you comply with the current legal regulations.

Message sent

"For us is very important to have the confidence of our customers,

so we are committed to achieve the objectives established

by our clients by means a consulting and services engagement

to grant the required legal security to them".



1.1 GVP-P01-OM. Performing Potential Clients Registry

We proceed to  register the potential customers by following the process GVP-P01-OM with the purpose of:

  • Send a complete and personalized information dossier containing the most important aspects to consider in the requiered services and benefits that our services will can offer.

  • Meet the needs of Potential Clients.

  • Obtain relevant information to understand determinants on the  feasibility of the service required.

  • Get accurate information that allow us the realization of a  Management & Consulting Services Offer (MCSO) that will meet the needs and demands of our clients.

1.2 GVP-P02-OM. Performing the Management & Consulting Services Contract (MCSC)

Upon acceptance of the commercial offer by Client, we should proceed with the Management & Consulting Services Contract (MCSC) following the process GVP-P02-OM with the purpose of:

  • Give legal effect to the agreement reached between the parties, providing safety to them.

  • Establish the  scope of the service , specifying the services to be provided and their characteristics.

  • Planning the service schedule by setting milestones in the major phases and timelines of them.

  • Establish the  price of services provided and payment methods.

  • Identify stakeholders.

  • Establish a  Communication Plan and establish mechanisms to provide efficiency, security and legal validity to them.

  • Establish the  clauses that shall govern the relationship between the parties.


Both, tangible items, such as property,

and intangible, such as residence permits or business,

require timely and periodic actions, for the maintenance of their:

properties, qualities, characteristics, processes, licenses, etc...



2.1 GVP-P11-OM. Property Management

We perform all necessary steps to  act diligently on the properties managed by following the process GVP-P11-OM with the purpose of:

  • Making any type of  property reform to adapt it to the requirements of the owner.

  • Performing maintenance of the property for getting a good condition of the property, both in standby as for private use or commercialization.

  • Making any action concerning the  marketing of the property.

  • Managing compliance with  tax obligations relating to property and its ownership.

2.2 GVP-P12-OM. Residence Permit Renewal Management

By the process GVP-P12-OM we manage the  actions and bureaucratic formalities necessary for:

  • Ensure that  real estate which give the right to obtain a Residence Permit still retain the  legal requirements established by law for this purpose.

  • Maintain and comply with all  legal requirements needed by investors to renew his Residence Permit.

  • Maintain the validity of  Residence Permit for those investors who still fulfill the requirements established by Law 14/2013.

  • Maintain the validity of  Residence Permit for those  investors dependents who still fulfill the requirements established by Law 14/2013.

2.3 GVP-P13-OM. Business Management

On business management is so important to increase the efficiency of  internal departments , such as  outsourcing departments according to the strategy adopted by the company. Acting both in strategic level as in the  operational level, we offer our services in different areas:

  • Strategic management based on the standards of the  Balanced Scorecard (BSC).

  • Quality management  based on standards of  European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).

  • Managing the internationalization of companies through strategic models based on  global markets.

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We control that the activities develop properly,

and that they serve to achieve the objectives

through monitoring of key points that allow us

to ensure that the actions taken are correct.



Both in the operational stage and after it is necessary to control that the activities being developed properly, and that these serve to achieve the objectives. This is essential to monitor critical activities in order to establish indicators that allow us to control the activity, and in the event that the output data deviate from those anticipated, establish the necessary corrective measures.

3.1 GVP-P14. Monitoring Processes

By following the process GVP-P14 we  establish Key Points Indicators (KPI) that allow us monitoring the critical milestones to get relevant data about scope, schedule, cost, stakeholders, etc…,  in order to:

  • Collecting, measuring, and distributing performance information.

  • Assessing measurements and trends to effect process improvements.

  • Provide an insight into the health of the  performance.

  • Identifies any critical areas that may require special attention.

3.2 GVP-P15. Control Processes

Following the process GVP-P15 we  analyse all data obtained in GVP-14 monitoring process with the purpose of:

  • Determining corrective or preventive actions  on critical areas.

  • Replanning and following up on action plans.

  • Determining whether the actions taken resolved the performance issue.