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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services can MEF International Consulting offer?

MEF is a Strategic Consulting and Project Management Office specialized in real estate and particularly in the "acquisition and management of real estate assets" and "handling of residence permits for investors", although our services include "wealth management", "real estate development", “property development" and many other business regarding to real estate. All our services are comprehensive and cover all the aspects and needs that require the real estate assets either at the legal level, as bureaucratic, business, commercial, etc...

2. How the services offered by MEF International Consulting are developed?

MEF works under the standards and procedures established in the PMP® - PMI® (Project Management Professional - Project Management Institute) for a Project Management Office, which means that the administrative management is done by our department of administration and operational management is adapted to each project depending on the needs. This operational management system allows us to customize our services according to the characteristics of each customer project.

To do this, first we identify those first level needs that allow us to develop a management team composed of specialized professionals in key aspects of the project, and once we have established the "core team" we proceed to develop our services following the internal processes provided for that purpose.

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3. How will be managed my relationship with MEF International Consulting?

From MEF International Consulting, in the planning stage of the project, a communications plan adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers is established, setting in it the means to be used, the frequency, authorized persons, etc... Furthermore we have also developed an internal communication channel (Intranet) by means of which major milestones, its evolution and the state of the same are registered, the relevant documents are stored, the active processes are monitored, the "team" assigned is registered, the development of costs is followed, the deadlines are controlled, etc ...

4. What professionals are on my work team?

The work teams are composed of:

Internal staff, which is responsible for the executive management of the project, both at the strategic level (planning, monitoring and tracking changes) and operational (team management, document management, paperwork, etc ...)

External staff, which are renowned professionals with whom MEF International Consulting has established collaboration agreements. Depending on the characteristics of each project, different professionals were hired, which will be involved both strategic (advising) and operational (development and execution of tasks) management.

5. Can I manage and lead my own projects?

For MEF International, our customers are "promoters" of their own projects and we are the workforce that makes possible achieve the stated objectives. Therefore, and as long as our customers wish to do so, they can lead and manage their own projects, in which case our "mission" will be provide them: as much information as possible, so they can make the best possible decisions, and technical support and operational when so required, to enable them to achieving the objectives set. Our level of commitment to the project will always be the highest, and our role will be the one that our customer wants to give us.